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Orthokeratology (also referred to as Ortho-K, OK, Overnight Vision Correction, Corneal Refractive Therapy, CRT, and Gentle Vision Shaping System, GVSS) is the fitting of specially designed rigid gas-permeable contact lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea to improve vision. Ortho-k lenses are worn overnight. While you are asleep the lenses reshape the front surface of your eye (cornea). After removing the lenses in the morning, most patients go all day and into the evening without lenses or glasses. Each lens is made with special materials that keep your eye healthy and comfortable. The therapy is non-surgical and reversible. When you stop nightly wear your vision reverts to its original prescription. Most people with mild to moderate myopia (with or without mild astigmatism) are good candidates for orthokeratology.

Ortho-k lenses are prescribed for two purposes:

  • To correct refractive errors (primarily nearsightedness, but also astigmatism and hyperopia). In some cases, ortho-k also is used to correct presbyopia.
  • To slow the progression of childhood myopia.
    Eye Diagram

At Visual Ophthalmology, we use a special device called a corneal topographer to get a digital map of your eyes. After that we import that data into an advanced software (WAVE Contact Lens System) to design fully customized rigid contact lenses to achieve an exact fit and optimal results.  

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